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Our Concept


vomFASS is a unique retail experience—where you become a taste explorer, following your spirit of discovery to unique and memorable places. Step into a beautifully crafted European style tasting room and sample away—artisanal oils, fruit vinegars, liqueurs, and spirits. You can learn the stories behind the tastes that intrigue—because every product has a story behind it.

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    Experiential Retail

    We are a gourmet store featuring top-of-the-line products with a unique taste-before-you-buy in-store experience. Customers discover the world’s finest oils, vinegars, spices and spirits carefully selected for their enjoyment.

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    Quality & Taste

    vomFASS prides itself on the close relationships with the growers and producers of the highest quality products - from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean and beyond.

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    Sustainability is Key

    vomFASS is proud to have been offering connoisseurs around the world the option to refill their bottles for more than two decades.

Recipe for Success:

This tradition of excellence something that is embodied in everything we do — from our store locations, to our products and our franchisees.

Our History

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    1994 vomFASS was founded in Germany

    The first vomFASS store opened in Regensburg, Germany.

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    1996 entered the international market

    vomFASS opened in Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

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    2006 vomFASS was launched in the USA

    The first US store opened and marked the beginning of franchising in North America.

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    2019 and Beyond

    vomFASS has grown to nearly 300 locations in 28 countries around the globe. We are ramping up for a rapid expansion across the globe, and we’re looking for entrepreneurs to bring the joys of gourmet goods and spirits to their communities.

"Our franchise partners are not only part of a global success story but also part of a large family."


Johannes Kiderlen - vomFASS Founder



"Our franchise partners are not only part of a global success story but also part of a large family."

Johannes Kiderlen - vomFASS Founder



You don't have to believe us on why you should join the vomFASS family. Hear it from our franchisees.


of our partners would pick vomFASS again.


of our partners would recommend vomFASS as a franchisor to friends and family.


are proud to be a vomFASS franchise partner.


of our partners enjoy their day-to-day operations in their vomFASS shops.

Survey of the Company for Corporate and Network Evaluation GmbH (igenda) 2017

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Explore Our Partner's Success Stories

Explore Our
Partner's Success Stories


vomFASS St. Louis-Maplewood

Anita Von Ballmoos

One of the first things you’ll notice when you meet vomFASS franchise partner, Anita von Ballmoos, is her unmistakable accent. “I’m from Switzerland,” says Anita. “And I was a huge fan of vomFASS in my hometown.”After being a loyal vomFASS customer for years, Anita one day learned that the gourmet franchise planned to expand to the U.S. market, and saw an opportunity to become part of the brand she adored. “The products really do sell themselves. If you make people taste them, they almost always purchase them. I was the same way. Whenever I tasted something, I never left the store empty-handed.”
“I was a bookkeeper in my previous life. But now I have a lot of contact with customers. I really like customer service, and being my own boss.” Her passion for customer service has been an enormous asset in the day-to-day operations at Anita’s vomFASS franchise store. “I think the owner is present at every vomFASS —they put their personal stamp on their store. “And that’s the remarkable thing. Even though we are a franchise, every store has its own personality.”


vomFASS Brazil

Daniel Martino

About 2 years ago, I was on vacation in Europe with my wife and my daughters. I was walking around the city of Gent in Belgium and we discovered a vomFASSshop. We have never heard of this store or brand vomFASS because we are Uruguayan and there were no shops in South America. Upon entering the store we were surprised by the variety and quality of products as well as the friendly service that we have received from the owner. We found acombination of simplicity and sophistication with a unique concept that captivated our senses. As olive oil producers in Uruguay, we are very excited to bring vomFASS to South America. It was from that moment we contacted the company and opened our first store in São Paulo, Brazil. We are now enjoying this family business with enthusiasm and we arepart of a company that prioritizes healthy consumption habits with high quality products. We hope to bring these habits and values to other countries in South America soon.


vomFASS Milton Keynes, U.K.

Carl Brown

I became a vomFASS franchisee in 2011, when I opened my vomFASS store in Milton Keynes. I had previously been involved in retail greeting cards and property development, and was looking for both an established and exiting retail concept.

vomFASS MK continues to succeed, and is now a vibrant and integral part of the shopping centre. We have recently had a major refit and relocation, giving us an even more prominent and successful platform. The key to this success is the product, as well as the support from vomFASS in Waldburg.

I would recommend the vomFASS franchise system to anyone who wants to build a great business for themselves, alongside the support of an ever evolving brand with proven worldwide success.


Wiederbefüllen für nachhaltigen Genuss
  • 3.5 million Disposable Bottles

    have been saved through consistent refilling by our customers and partners last year.

  • Ecological Responsibility

    Our headquarters is designed with an "even energy balance," and it is also in harmony with nature. In the course of the year, our building produces at least as much energy as it consumes.

  • Fair Trade, PREDA Foundation, Children's Fund & more...

    We are committed!

  • Regional Responsibility

    Keeping the region stable and viable enough to support a fair income for farmers who cultivate the orchards.

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Top Reasons to Open a vomFASS Franchise

  • Market Leader in a Booming Industry

    As a franchisor for over 25 years, with 300+ locations worldwide, vomFASS has developed a proven business model.

  • Unique Experiential Retail Concept

    We are the only global franchise that focuses on gourmet and specialty goods with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, innovation, affordability, education and entertainment.

  • vomFASS Financing

    Easy, Fast Process! We offer various financing options for everyone.

  • Our World Class Training Programs & Support Teams

    Operations - Field Support - Marketing - Shop Planning & much more!

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