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VoraussetzungenWhat qualities are you looking for in future VOM FASS franchisees?

Is it necessary to have long-standing experience and an in-depth knowledge of wines and spirits? Is evidence of an education to degree level or training as a retail specialist required? Who is entitled to send their application to the Waldburg headquarters?


Potential entrepreneurs should of course engage in intensive career planning and thoroughly familiarize themselves with the VOM FASS franchise system. Openness and transparency are two critical qualities in a partnership with a long-term focus. We are happy to answer any questions and provide our future partners with comprehensive information.

Starting out can be easy

Starting out as a franchisee offers entrepreneurs enormous benefits because they invest in a tried and tested concept from the outset. Franchisees benefit from an excellent business idea as well as a system which undergoes constant optimization. This translates directly into sales of exquisite products.

Commercial experience recommended

In our experience, career changers are sometimes the most successful partners we have in our system. If you aren‘t a wine and product expert, there‘s no need to worry. Our product and goods training furnishes entrepreneurs with all the knowledge they need in order to start a successful business. Numerous VOM FASS partners have changed careers from different professions – including salespersons, management accountants and engineers. They have all turned into very successful VOM FASS franchisees. However, it is helpful to possess strengths in the areas of customer orientation, communication and selling.

Get started

Learn more about our unique franchise opportunities. For further information about the world of VOM FASS and your franchise start please ask for your free information material.
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